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About tedee

How many times have you wondered: "Did I lock the door?", or tried to take the keys out of your pocket with hands full of shopping bags? With tedee smart lock you can forget about it. The app will lock the door when you leave and can unlock it automatically when you get back home!

tedee is much more than a key:

• unlock and lock your door from anywhere using just your smartphone and tedee bridge

• share access to the lock with your family and friends

• enjoy auto-unlock feature: the door can be unlocked automatically when you come back home

• do not worry about leaving the door unlocked: the app will detect you’re out and lock it for you

• browse the logs anytime on your smartphone

• get notifications in real time when somebody unlocks the door using the app or a standard key

• finally, it looks great!


Why tedee?


Control your door with a smartphone... wherever you are. Expecting visitors? Share access or unlock the door remotely. Hands full of shopping bags after a shopping spree? The lock will let you in... hands free!


You don't have to buy and replace the batteries! Thanks to an ultra-low energy consumption and a powerfull rechargeable battery you can operate your lock for months... and you can charge it overnight.


The lock is eye catching. We break up with brick-shaped devices! Enjoy the sleek design that suits your apartment and office. It's small yet powerful.

Strong cryptography

The communication with tedee lock is based on the latest TLS 1.3 protocol with a 256-bit security key. The only people who can access the lock are the ones of your choice.

Events log

The log privides you with detailed information about all events, like charging, locking and unlocking (both manually and using the app).


tedee lock detects if the mechanical lock was left in a semi-locked position and can finish the turn automatically. You may also want to keep it locked and it will do after a predefined time.


The tedee set includes universal GERDA SLR Modular cylinder, certified in class 6, three keys and the key card.

The lock was designed by IoT experts and GERDA engineers, one of the leading manufacturers of locks and door hardware. We make your coming home easier, better, more convenient. Keep your smartphone in your pocket and enjoy!



Questions? Suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Contact us at [email protected] or visit

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Amazing👌. App (and lock) works great. Unlock notifications so helpful - now I know who and when came 🏠.
Алексей Захаренко
działa! parowanie qr-kodem mega łatwe, zamek (z bramka) otwiera się błyskawicznie wszystkie funkcje od kumkurencji są i da się z nich łatwo korzystać .. nareszcie coś z czego mogę korzystać bez problemów!
The app works really well! Since major updates in August, auto unlocking works every time and no issues with it. Also the devs seem to drop updates very often which is a good thing.
Aleksander Wasser