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About FREE NOW for drivers

Register now and join more than 100,000 professional drivers across Europe. Download the app for free and benefit right away.

* Available in over 100 cities across Europe (Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK). *

More business for you. Just like that:

As a registered FREE NOW driver, the app sends passengers’ trip requests directly to you – no other dispatcher involved. Increase your income with more job requests and frequent travellers, more airport tours and more tips. Get the app and make the most of your day.

FREE NOW (formerly mytaxi) is making hailing a taxi easier for everyone. Our mission: Enable our drivers to provide excellent service and earn more money and make our passenger’s journeys as convenient as possible.

Boost your business and manage your jobs easily with:

* Free app
* Free in-app registration
* Free app payment system
* No monthly costs. No minimum number of trips. No risk.

You only pay a small commission fee for each completed trip.

Download our FREE NOW driver app, and get:

* Pre-books – Receive bookings up to 4 days in advance and plan your week.
* Follow up – Don’t worry about accepting jobs, we find your next customer nearby.
* On the Way – End of your shift? We’ll find a job heading in the direction of your home.

All you need to get started:

* Smartphone with at least 300 MB free storage
* Register in the app. You’ll need to provide your Taxi Driver Licence and Vehicle Licence
* Your local FREE NOW office will get in touch with you to complete the registration

We listen to you.

Our Driver Service is always there for you if you encounter any problems.
Thanks to our drivers' feedback, we are constantly improving our app, creating new features, and ensuring your daily business is safe and efficient.

Join our driver family now.

More information, terms and Privacy Policy here:

Muxudin Id
A very very useful and safe and importantly it's aceazy app
Tahir Ahmed
Ray Dennis