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About Skywave Schedules

Ever wondered what it's like to listen to a real radio station on the other side of the world? with Skywave Schedules, you can.
Connect to hundreds of remote radio receivers from the KiwiSDR network using the built in radio schedules or check a remote radio station is on air while you're trying to receive it with your own radio receiver.

Skywave Schedules was originally designed for use with portable shortwave radios, allowing you to easily find shortwave broadcast or utility stations by listing their frequency and broadcast times. In short, it lets you know what your listening to, or when to listen for a specific station or stations broadcasting in your language. You can also listen to remote receivers to see if the station you are trying to receive is actually on air.
Stations can be searched using Broadcast, Utility, both types or DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale stations).

The shortwave schedule broadcast seasons change at the end of March (to Season 'A') and October (to Season 'B') which can result in inaccurate listings being displayed until broadcasters publish their broadcast schedules or listeners locate what frequencies have changed. Use the 'Update Schedules' option in the apps 'Settings' to ensure you have the latest schedules. The app should check on startup for any updates to the schedules, this ensures you have the latest schedules installed. The app author is not responsible for accuracy of schedules, please consider this if you review the app.

Search for a station using any combination of the following, allowing you to filter your search to find or identify a station easily:

- Station Name
- Frequency (Option for +-10kHz)
- Time (On-Air Now, On-Air Next, Anytime or Specific)
- Band
- Target Area (Multiple Target areas can be selected)
- Language (Multiple Language areas can be selected)
- List Type i.e. Broadcast, Utility, (Broadcast & Utility) or Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

Key Features:
- Separate schedules for broadcast and utility stations or both
- Listen to shortwave stations on air right now direct from the schedules with the app automatically selecting a receiver based on the Target Area, with the option to manually enter a frequency or select a different receiver/region
- Station look-up as you type, helps you find your station easily
- Scrollable list of stations to browse
- Search for stations on-air now, on-air next, specific time or anytime
- Select a Band to search for stations (Longwave to 11m)
- Offline map to show station transmitter location as well as distance from your receiver if you set your Lat/Long in Receiver Location in Settings
- Can be used off-the-grid, not reliant on an internet connection when searching (once schedules have been downloaded)
- Search using any combination of Station, Frequency, Band, Time, Target Area, Language or Type of Broadcast
- Search for frequencies nearby using the +-10kHz option
- Add Favourites, and Log Broadcast and Utility stations
- Logbook feature with CSV & ADIF export options
- Utility filter, allowing you to move stations to the Utility list manually
- Get further useful information about a station, such as transmitter location, broadcaster's country, days on-air, target area and language (assuming data is available)
- Online schedules update, only updates if schedules are newer, no unnecessary updates required

The schedules used in the app are from EiBi ( ) and AOKI is used for additional station data, sometimes amendments are made to the schedules by the developer.

Skywave Schedules is free to use and advert free.

Enjoy listening to Shortwave!

Disclaimer: The app has the ability to tune to radio stations by way of SDR receivers around the world. The nature of radio propagation may result in a station not being received in the Target Area or that the station is not currently on-air or may have changed their broadcast times, this is outwith control of the developer, please understand this when reviewing the app.

Great app with all said can you make it available on Apple iPad that would be icing on the cake 🎂.....
BC clayton
This is a fantastic program. Easy to use, good features and accurate. Well thought out. Built in log and favorites plus many more usefull features for any shortwave listener. In my 38 years of shortwave list...
Gordon Lyell
Wonderful app and dev team. A must have SDR and companion app for portable shortwave radios. Downloaded schedules are even available offline! Very pleased.
Don Johnson