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About BB Coach Assistant

BB Coach Assistant is created by Blood Bowl coach for other Blood Bowl coaches all over the world. It's main purpose is to gather all necessary tools and information, so you do not have to take a Blood Bowl Handbook with you to every game.

In this application you can find Timer (where you can set time per turn or per game), Passing template with possible interceptions, skills description, alternative Kick-off and weather tables and many more...

Application is continuously developed, new features will show up.

Just remember, it is not final version. If you find any bugs just let me know.

You can also download my other app EB2020 - Coach Assistant with BB2016 rules translated into many different languages

A tight app, well laid out and functional. 5 stars all day long.
Tom Martin
Really good app. Could you please add a team roster to it. Cheers.
Ben H
It's great! Would love to see team chart too as well, if it's not too much to ask.
Jeff Liew