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About Dutch Verbs

No more sloppy spelling -d, -t or -dt errors when you conjugate verbs in the Dutch language. Easily check the complete spelling of every Dutch verb on your mobile.
Sixteen unique icons educate you about the type of Dutch verb you entered and how the spelling of stem and other forms are composed. Like regular ('zwak'), irregular ('sterk') or link verb. Also the applicability of the β€œhet Kofschip” rule for the past tense of the Dutch verb is shown.
This helps you better understand the Dutch spelling rules and more easily conjugate other verbs yourself.
An essential app if you are learning the spelling and grammar of the Dutch language, whether at school, on a course or self study. Helping you to write correctly spelled letters and mails in Dutch.

You can enter the infinitive (default spelling of the verb) or any other conjugation or verb form, like the past participle. Also, verbs with a separable prefix are recognized: entering or pasting 'opgedronken' will automatically yield all conjugations of the Dutch verb 'opdrinken' (drink up).
For a Dutch verbs like 'doorlopen', which has two alternative spellings, you can choose from a pop-up menu with description of both verbs. To help you make the right choice, the stressed syllable in the Dutch verb is indicated with an underscore.

This app knows all official Dutch spelling rules and every exception in the conjugation of the over 600 irregular ('sterke') verbs in the language spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders). The built in list of 11,000 verbs also includes all commonly used regular ('zwakke') verbs, so this app does not need an internet connection to help you improve your spelling of Dutch verbs.

For each Dutch verb you get a complete overview of all forms or conjugations:
- Present tense or 'o.t.t.', including the verb stem
- Imperative
- Simple past tense or 'o.v.t.'
- Past participle
- Present participle
You will also see the conjugation or spelling of all six future and completed tenses, combined with the right Dutch auxiliary verb 'hebben' or 'zijn':
- Present perfect tense
- Past Perfect tense
- Imperfect future tense
- Past future tense
- Completed future tense
- Past future tense.

If you miss any forms or verbs in this app or you encounter any diffculty, feel free to mail us: [email protected]
You mail will always be answered. This is a faster way of improving this app than reviews.

More on this unique Dutch verb and and spelling of verbs in the Dutch language on our site:

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The app is a good one, it helps a lot. The only minus is that this app is not for iphone. Maybe you can do it also for IOS.
Ramona Blondy
Heel mooi van regelmatige en onregelmatige werkwoorden.
Fe Ruz
Ik zou dat ik ruim 500 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟/en geven 😘 Ik ben trots op de ontwikkelaars.
Gedwongen Leven