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About FlutterHole for Pi-Hole®

Warning: this app has been tested exclusively on the Pi-hole V5 API. It is recommended to update your Pi-hole to V5+ before installing this app.

FlutterHole is a free third party Android application for interacting with your Pi-Hole® server.

*Quick enable/disable: Toggle your Pi-hole from your home screen with a single tap.
*Multiple configurations: Easily switch between every Pi-hole that you have access to.
*Summary overview: View top clients and the top used domains.
*Query log: Inspect & search your Pi-hole queries.

FlutterHole is open source, which means anyone can view the code that runs your app. You can find and star the repository on Github.

The best place to report bugs and feature requests is the Github issue tracker. This is a convenient place for developers to track running issues, and for users to look for issues similar to theirs.

Excellent app for pi hole, thank you for this work
Vladimir Revenko
Absolutely loved it. The other people complaining should first verify with the api token to get full functionality. One thing I request is the ability to add domain to whitelist/Blacklist from the log itself...
Fantastic. Found the Pi Hole straight away. All I did was disable the API token because I don't worry about a password and it's flawless. Can't ask for much more from a free app!
Mark Graham