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About Physics: The Standard Model

The standard model of particle physics reference app. The original, free Standard Model app.

Update April 2015 - We are preparing to add anti-particles

You guys are awesome, and the advice has seriously made this a better app. It has become a community project at this point. Please keep up the suggestions. The developer email goes direct to my email and gets answered personally. This app will always remain free and ad-free, thank you all for your support!

*This app requires no permissions to run!
*This app is free and full version (no ads, no donate, no in app purchase)
*This app is made with a graduate student of Physics

*All 17 Particles with their own page!
*Basic Dictionary
*Cheat Sheet
*Pictures, diagrams and charts of the Standard Model

Shows all 17 particles:
*Quarks (up, down, charm, strange, top, bottom)
*Leptons (electron/muon/tau neutrino, electron, muon, tau)
*Bosons (photon, gluon, Z boson, W boson, Higgs boson)

Shows particle information
*Applicable Forces for each particle
*Discovering scientist
*Mean lifetime
*Trivia (facts)

Comments? Questions? Requests? Use my developer email!

Great App, Learning All About Partial Physics.
Robert Wice
A Google user
Very helpful reminder app.
Ken Percival