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About PhotoCloud Frame Slideshow

Just sit back and watch your photos with your family; convert your old Android tablet to a digital photo frame; browse your cloud photos, hassle-free. No-fluff and no bloat; old-school app which is simple to use and just works.

Able to retrieve and slideshow photos from the following sources:
- OwnCloud/NextCloud server, even with self-signed https certificate
- Dropbox
- Local Gallery
- Flickr
- Microsoft OneDrive
- Windows Shares (Samba)
- Mega
- Instagram (Instagram removed the Feed API thus only the Recent Media is accessible)
- SSH and SFTP
- Box
- Google Drive
- Google Photos (Picasa)
- iCloud Public Share

Respects user's privacy: PhotoCloud is the only Android Digital Frame application which supports your own personal OwnCloud/NextCloud servers (including self-signed https certificates), your own SSH+SFTP servers, photos located on your Windows machines, etc.

Supported images/pictures types:
- bitmap: png, gif, bmp, jpg, jpeg
- raw: crw, cr2, nef, raf, dng, mos, kdc, dcr (by default ignored since loading RAWs will generate huge network traffic; please enable RAWs in app's Settings / Filters)

Endlessly cycles photos from any combination of the streams. You can play all photos from the stream, or you can limit the stream to given list of directories (and subdirs). You can also browse the files of the stream manually. The photos are automatically cached locally; when offline, you can show slideshow from cached photos only.
Supports slideshowing photos from subdirectories.

You can stream photos to TVs in the following ways:
- ChromeCast Slideshow (requires Android 4.4 and higher) - casts current slideshow to your TV from your mobile phone
- Android TV - you can run this app straight on the TV and control it via the TV remote control
Also supports Daydream Screensaver Slideshow (Android 4.2 and higher only).

Pricing: free version shows a "please purchase" images once a while during the slideshow. There is an in-app payment which removes these images. Another in-app payment unlocks the Daydream/Screensaver integration.

Please note:
This is just a digital frame / photo browser. It does not play any music (only a background one ;), does not create videos, does not replace your gallery app, it does simply one thing - shows a slideshow of your photos - and does it simply and right.

Because of its nature, the application generates a very high network traffic - please make sure you have WIFI enabled. The app has built-in network protection and will abort the Slideshow if WIFI disconnects.

No annoying video commercials, simple to use. This application is at its infancy, please let me know which features would you like me to implement. The following features are planned:
1. Each directory will be able to be configured with a daily hour range at which the directory is polled for photos - you can create a daily gallery, an evening gallery, even a night gallery.
2. Add support for Facebook ...

Required permissions:
INTERNET - to download photos from cloud services
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - to workaround a bug in older Androids to cache photos
GET_ACCOUNTS - Google Drive and App Billing requires this
BILLING - In-app purchases
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - allows PhotoCloud to monitor for WiFi and stop slideshow to avoid cellular network charges
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - to automatically start (if so configured)
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - to discover DLNA devices
WAKE_LOCK - to keep the phone awake during slideshow

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the best: I tried pretty much every Slideframe (foto frame) app i could get my hands on. This one is the only one i found who : can fetch from Samba Network share, private cloud, reads subfolders recursively...
Bruno Freitag
Best app to turn a tablet into a digital picture frame. I have tried a lot of them, and this one provides all the customization I want
Will Stallworth
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Cuauhtemoc Goitia