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About Battery Alarm

I have responded to every email and every review, and I will reply to you as well.
For each 5 star rating: THANK YOU!

Feel free to contact me by email before you give me a bad grade!
[email protected]

Battery version PRO version:

PRO version supports:
multilingual voice alert, different alarm delay periods, hide app icon (from Android 7.0), sound alert selection, voice alert selection for men or women (some languages ​​only)
There is little difference between the free version and the PRO version, the functionality is the same !!! No ads !!! If you can't buy the PRO version, feel free to contact me, don't give a bad rating right away.

On Xioami, Redmi ... (Android 8, 9, 10, 11):
When you open the recent apps palette, press and hold the app until a menu appears and you can click the lock.
And turn off battery optimization for the battery app.

On Huawei (Android 8, 9, 10, 11):
Lock the app on Huawei phones in recently used apps.
When you open the recent apps palette, drag the app down (it will be locked)

OnePlus users:
Look for the "Battery" app in "Settings", then click "Advanced", then "Optimize battery", just check the "Do not optimize" checkbox. OnePlus prevents application functionality by default (to save energy).

See websites:

Some phones have an option that automatically closes all applications when the phone is in sleep mode. This prevents the Battery Alarm application from starting.
To avoid this problem, enable the Battery Alarm notification, then find the power saving option on your phone, open it, and add the Battery Alarm application to protected applications, or disable optimization for the Battery Alarm application. This is usually in the Phone Battery app settings.

This option can be called:

"Power saving"
"Battery optimization"
"Battery usage"
Application Optimization

The battery alarm does not require any permissions or routing of the phone.
You can use a combination of voice alert, audible alert, and notification alert.

Voice warning-> Media phone volume (the free version only supports English female voice)
Sound warning -> Ringtone phone volume (The warning sound selection is supported by the PRO version)
Notification warning-> Notification phone volume

"Battery usage" - not all phones are supported
"Close application" - exits the application and is no longer active
Minimize app - The app is active and monitors battery status

Supported languages ​​(in free version TEXT only, no voice alert):
English, čeština, dansk, Deutsch, español, français, Indonesia,
italiano, magyar, Nederlands, polski, português, română, slovenčina,
svenska, srpski, Türkçe, русский, Українська, Ελληνικά, Tiếng việt,
日本語, 中文, 한국어, ไทย, عربي , فارس

I use Google Translate, feel free to send me any translation errors to correct them.

Thank you!
Vujacic Zoran
Serbia Belgrade
[email protected]

This is the simplest battery control program (battery monitor), low battery alarm (warning), fully charged alarm (warning).
Minimum and Maximum alarms are separate.
Set a maximum charge alarm and a minimum battery alarm (prevents overcharging and discharging the battery of your mobile phone).

This is the simplest battery charging alarm (full and low) with battery alarm at any level.

Battery alarm This app does NOT consume battery, try it!

The battery alarm takes up the least memory.
The battery alarm is one of the simplest.
The battery alarm is completely free and without ads.
The battery alarm Does not require critical android permissions
The battery alarm Does not steal information from your phone
The battery alarm does not use internet, gps, gsm ...
The battery alarm notifies you when the battery is fully charged
The battery alarm notifies you when the battery is low
The battery alarm is a simple battery notification

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