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About E-talons Info

The most complete application for Riga public transport (Rīgas satiksme) e-ticket (e-talons) content reading.
Reads both yellow and blue e-ticket cards. You need device with NFC module to read e-ticket.

Application reads and displays ticket type, recent rides and directions.

It may take longer time to read blue cards. Some devices may not support reading blue cards.

- Doesn't recognize some rare ticket types (24 hour, 3 days, 5 days, group tickets)
- Doesn't recognize "working days" restriction of monthly tickets
- Doesn't recognize night buses

If you notice an error, please help the project - send ticket dump, you can do it inside application. Please write what kind of ticket do you have and details about the error in email. You can also attach a screenshot to email. And soon you will get a fix!

respect to whom ever made this beautiful app
Taha Ragheed
Great app!
Egīls Dunkurs
Thanks for keeping it updated.
Kristaps Silbaums