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About Ewon eCatcher Mobile

eCatcher Mobile now offers live monitoring of KPI’s and alarms from any machine equipped with an Ewon® Flexy router. By using eCatcher Mobile app users can get a live look into their machines’ status and performance from anywhere in the world. 

The Ewon eCatcher Mobile application is used to initialize secure remote access and allows you to use mobile applications with HMIs from automation vendors such as Schneider Magelis, Rockwell and Siemens SIMATIC.

Once you have logged in for the first time to your eCatcher account, you can take advantage of the user-friendliness and security of eCatcher Mobile by validating direct access to your account through Touch ID (or a PIN code), similar to most mobile banking applications.

App works great! The app does not work on rooted devices though.
Scott Boughton
Very well designed app!
Ming Choon Tang
Kudos. Cool , Fast and Easy VPN access to eWON.
Sivakumar R