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About Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Screen recorder that helps you in recording videos with audio, and that too without a watermark. Screen recorder with audio that lets you enjoy your recorded videos fully recorded once it is fully recorded. It is no ordinary recorder but has countless features like:

• Floating button
• Taking screenshots while recording
• Screen recorder with audio
• Marking your favorite videos
• No recording limits
• No watermark

All the features mentioned above of the recorder are entirely free of cost. You do not need to purchase any premium version of the screen recorder to get rid of the watermark. The option is available in the basic version of the screen recorder.

Video Recorder and Editing
The recorder is not just limited to screen recording. It also functions as a video recorder. You can open the application and use your camera to record your clips for various purposes.

If you aim to create a vlog, this application is perfect, as this video recorder also comes with multiple editing options. You can edit clips and upload them on various social media platforms, as per your choice.

Game Recorder
This video recorder and screen recorder have been upgraded to a game recorder to record your favorite video games while you play seamlessly on your mobile phone.

There is a floating record button that does not hinder your gameplay. Who thought a screen recorder could also end up being a fantastic game recorder for the current game-savvy generation?

Major Features
Floating Button:
The recorder has a floating button that can be adjusted anywhere around the screen during screen recording. This floating button comes in handy when you are using the game recorder. You can adjust the recording button at your convenience and continue to play your game seamlessly.

This floating button also helps you in taking screenshots in the game recorder, or video recorder while screen recording. No more annoying process of pausing the video again and again to take that perfect screenshot. One easy click on the screen, and you are done.

Take Screenshots While Recording Video:
Which recorder lets you take a screenshot while screen recording? Well, this application lets you take a perfect screenshot while you screen-record with audio.

This screen recorder with the audio feature and floating button helps you take the screenshot without pausing the video. This not only saves your screen recording from unusual pauses but eases out your whole screenshot-taking process.

Screen Recorder with Audio:
No screen recorder records the audio at the same time. If you want to record those special video calls from your loved ones, then this screen recorder with audio makes sure that their voice gets recorded too.

Mark Your Favorite Videos:
This video recorder and game recorder ensure that your favorite videos do not get lost in the gallery.

Now you can mark all your favorite videos in one place so that you can easily find them whenever you want to re-watch them. Which screen recorder lets you do that?

No Time Limit:
This game recorder does not have any recording limit. It does not matter if your game is to be recorded for hours; it can easily record the whole session in one go. No more breaking of long videos into smaller sections while screen recording.

Now everything can be done in one place, and that too in just one go. Be it a video of 1 hour or 4 hours; it can be recorded in one shot without any hindrance.

No Watermark:
Your videos will not be having any of those annoying application watermarks. This screen recorder gives you the freedom to remove the watermark without purchasing the premium version.

The videos created by the screen-recorder will be saved in the application, and they will also appear in your gallery. Download the application and sign up with us to enjoy seamless screen recording.

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