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About Sail Racer

This is a sail racing app for sailing enthusiasts and professionals.
Application is used as an additional tool next to standard yacht equipment to take tactical sail decisions faster.

Sail Racer app suggest the favored end of the start line, monitors your position, time and guides the maneuvers that the start line was hit at the last moment with the best possible speed during your sail.

With the sail app it is easy to navigate in racing area. Sail Racer interface is designed in a way that course efficiency, the lay lines and shifts could be captured in a splash of a second. Skipper does not need to analyze the numbers and can concentrate on handling the boat, maximizing performance and playing tactical games with competitors.

Every wind gust and lull affect the boat heading and is visualized in a “easy to read” shift bar on the top of compass rose and on the map.

Sail Racer is designed and developed by sailors. It has everything to sail on the edge.

- Time to burn, Coundown and Starting box distances
- Wind average calculation for 6minutes and an hour
- Course average calculation (in case you do not have NMEA data)
- Boat efficiency according to polar data
- Mark, Layline distance and ETA
- Tracker
- Nautical charts
- NMEA 0183 data connection, BlueTooth data connection, SailTimer wind information
- Current indication and many more
- Works on watch (Android wear OS)

More information app is free for learning (Optimist kids, Lasers and other centerboards) and for evaluation purposes. We kindly ask all keel boat racers to purchase Premium license for 35 euros / year.

Have a good start and even better finish.

This app is great. Simple to use and affordable navigation. Keep up the good work please!
Rich S
I have been using this app for years and the worst thing about it is that it is able to be downloaded and used by other sailors. I don't want it to be used by the other sailors I compete against. It is that ...
Lew Cody
Excellent app. Better features than much more expensive systems. The only downside is the android hardware. I can't wait to get my e-ink display.
Barracuda UK