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About Herbalist. The witch doctor. Folk remedies.

A witch doctor is a doctor who uses methods other than traditional medicine, but all kinds of herbs, conspiracies and special rituals.

Despite the advances in modern medicine in the field of pharmacology and the use of chemically synthesized drugs, the use of medicinal plants has not lost its relevance. Medicinal herbs successfully continue to be used in the treatment of diseases of both folk and official medicine.
Many consciously prefer treatment with traditional and folk methods at home. Medicinal plants and herbs are used not only as folk remedies for diseases. Natural cosmetics based on such plants are becoming more popular. Nutritious herbal masks for the skin or for the hair are easy to make by yourself.

Treatment with herbs is the most ancient way to combat all sorts of diseases. For thousands of years of its existence, a man has been found and studied the healing properties of hundreds of medicinal plants that can help, moreover, or other disease. For a long history, many effective recipes have been created, many of which have been used in folk medicine today.

Almost everywhere - in the forest, in the garden, in fields and meadows - you can find medicinal plants. Our land is a natural green pharmacy. In folk medicine, medicinal herbs and plants are widely used.
Since ancient times, the medicinal properties of medicinal plants and herbs and their specific features have been used in medical practice. The scientist and doctor of the Middle Ages Avicenna said: "Three weapons are at the doctor's - words, plants, knife." Now a lot of experience is gained in the use of medicinal plants, their assortment has expanded and references have appeared. On the basis of medicinal herbs, many pharmaceutical preparations are prepared, some of which are well known. Encyclopedia includes elements of traditional medicine, recipes for decoctions and infusions of herbs and plants, technology for their preparation and use.

As is known phytotherapy is practiced for many centuries, and during this period many advantages of the technique were clearly clarified.

In our gardens and gardens, grass grows, which we consider a weed and root out, not suspecting that it can cure diseases that many of us
we suffer for years. Such a grass - a green pharmacy - is clean. Our ancestors have known and used this amazing plant for a long time.
There were also a lot of publications about his miraculous power.

The fact that medicinal plants have useful properties is an axiom - otherwise these herbs would not be called medicinal. However, very few people know what kind of properties have medicinal plants - in what diseases their use is recommended, and when, on the contrary, the use of medicinal herbs is strictly prohibited. To understand this question, use our application "Travnik. Witch Doctor." Folk remedies. "

In our application you will find folk remedies and folk methods of treatment for most diseases.

Be healthy and do not be ill!

I appreciate your research cause have found many plants which I did not know that they are useful thanks..
Kabambwe Daniel Nkolo
Powerful app
Emmanuel Ato Amoah
I'm a pagan. My magick is centered around plants and botanicals. This helps so much with spells and sigils. Thank you!
Commander Bunbun