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About Taxovichkof

🚖Taxovichkof is a modern and convenient service for calling a taxi in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nur-Sultan (former Astana), Tver, Tula, Omsk, Gatchina, Vsevolozhsk, Krasnoye Selo, Kolpino, Pushkino, Peterhof, Kronshtadt and other cities.

📦 We deliver everything you need!
You can send food, documents and any other small packages using option “Courier”. Delivery to the door is available.

💰 Runs are cheaper than the ones from operator
Create an order in the app and save your money. Use the “My Rules” option and set your price for the run! Send your club number to friends and give them a discount on their first run. Earn tefics for their successfully completed orders. And don’t forget the promo codes.

🔎 Watch the movement of the driver
Watch the car when ordered, and also share the route with friends so that they can see your movement.

🔇 Silent call in all circumstances
Is there a lecture, are you afraid to wake your child or is it too noisy on the street? Ordering a taxi via the app will allow you to call for a car without saying a word

📲 Google Pay, card or cash payment
Now you do not need to look for the change in your wallet. Choose the appropriate payment method in the options when placing an order.

📅 Pre-order
Do you need to call a taxi to the airport or train station? Create an order in advance! Indicate the required date and time in the “Delivery time” section. Turn on the “Alarm” option so that the auto-informant calls and wakes you up.

🎯 Everything is automated
The delivery address can be omitted if you allowed the app to determine the geolocation at the first start. The cost of the run, the time of delivery and travel time are calculated and displayed automatically.

⭐ Rate drivers
View information about drivers, rate their service and influence the rating.

📌 Do you often go to the same addresses?
Use your favorite addresses and routes (for example, from home to work and from work to the fitness studio) so you don’t have to enter them manually each time.

🌂 Did you forget something in a taxi?
Click on the “Help” section in the side menu on the left, select the run you need and fill in the information about the forgotten item. And we will promptly help in its return.

🤝 Call a car for a friend or colleague
Order a taxi to the phone number of a friend or colleague using the “Other passenger” option.

💼 Business taxi for legal entities
Do you need corporate taxi services? Apply directly in the app or on the website. We will help your employees to always be on time, ensure a worthy meeting of guests or partners, bring your customers with comfort. We provide priority delivery of cars, a dedicated line of operators, a detailed account statement.

Calling for a taxi in the Taxovichkof app takes place instantly, and low price will delight every customer! The functionality of the app differs depending on the city and the services provided by the partner service. The app is translated into English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Kazakh and Chinese.

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Был очень хороший водитель и чистая, комфортная машина в Астане (Нур-Султан). AstanaTaxi направляет меня на обновление приложения Taxovichkof Astana, но где оно?
Raushan Dossova
Лучший сервис такси в Питере.
Ivan Evsikov
Отличное приложение, красочное и удобное. мне понравилось. Клево , что можно следить за машиной. В общем твердая пятерка, продолжайте в том же духе
Дмитрий Танкович
Best taxi in st Petersburg
Gaurav Saini
Happy with this app, used it in St. Petersburg for 6 times in 3 days, including trips outside the city. Pleasant and proffesional drivers, easy-to-use app, very recommended!
Lena Barzilai
Все нормально, но ценообразование не поддается логике. Цена скачает по неведомому алгоритму.
Pavel Sakharov