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About Japanese Alphabet

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The first step in the study of the Japanese language is the study of syllabic alphabet.

On the Internet you will find many techniques and materials devoted to this, but only repetition and use transform knowledge into a solid skill.

"Japanese alphabet" - will help remember both the alphabet, pronunciation and order of writing syllables. You can begin to learn hieroglyphics and use syllables in everyday life, for example, replacing with them similarly syllables of the native language in to-do lists, notes, diary, to exchange such "encrypted" messages with children or those who learn the language with you.

In the application, all syllables are divided into 24 levels. At the first level, five vowels are suggested, each time the number of syllables increases to ten - five new, plus five of the passed. Access to the next level is opened if the number of errors is not more than three and the button for viewing the answer has not been pressed.

On the desktop you can add a widget that will help you to repeat the passed syllables at any time.

Tooltip: if you use any application to work on writing, then it's better to replace it with a writing or notebook in a large cage.

Leave feedback. Write what you like, which is not very. We will respond to all.

If you want to use the app in your native language, you can send your translation to our email address.

Марина Герасимова
I give 5s because i have many learn
Ruzzelle Dacuba
Oh my god this app is amazing. When I download this app and then a month I know all the Japanese word how to write and speak. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god this app 🤗...
Jagdish Boran