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About Roadly dashcam & speed camera

Roadly - dash cam app created to help drivers every day. It works as a car camera, as a smart assistant recognizing traffic signs and warning you to avoid traffic violations and as a speed camera notifier.

✔ Current speed, GPS data, date and time, currently active signs are hardsubbed in video file (no more srt);
✔ We have exposure compensation to keep road in constant lightness within defined range (check it in settings)

✔ Automatic start/stop when driving/stopping;
✔ Speed Camera warnigs;
✔ Share on YouTube with couple clicks.

English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portugalian (Brazil), Japanese (in case of wrong translation please write in English to [email protected]).

All signs recognized with Roadly smart dash cam app it send to the crowdsourcing database. More drivers - better quality and coverage of the database and warnings. Don't forget to invite your friends =) Meet more than 600k users community!

Roadly can work in background as dash cam and show warnings above any navigation app: Waze, Navmii, Sygic, Google Maps, TomTom, iGO and many others. Also above any speed cam app: Speed Cameras & Traffic Sygic, TomTom Speed Cameras, Speed camera radar etc.


Dash cam app needs to be constantly connected to car charger, it uses all functions of smartphone.

Sounds are not recorded with old android versions (4.1 and lower).

Try to direct air cooling system of your car on device to avoid overheating (long camera usage heats phone a lot).

Current version supports only these signs:

✔ Yeld (Give Way)
✔ Speed Limit
✔ No passing
✔ No parking
✔ No waiting
✔ Crosswalk
✔ Crossroads limits
✔ Danger signs

Other signs will be added soon

NOTE: while testing in front PC image can be blurred because focus distance is infinite (to avoid focusing raindrops on the windshield).

PathSense team for their Android Activity SDK which is used in our app to provide auto start/stop feature.

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Это лучший родар из всех что встречал! Спасибо разработчикам!
Dmitry Gordin
Best adas software.
Nam Pham Hoai
Actually a very nice App that does most of what it claims. I love this App. It provided a very good record of your travel on the road and would be a great help in monitoring the journeys.
Yousuf Mirza
Good thinking , chat heads didn't appear as well 🤔 . something wrong with my system . thanks for your help.. still this is the best dash cam app . Galaxy A5 2016
hassan salama
nice dashcam
llanado ronald
Like it
Aaron Motaung