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About Lunar calendar Dara-Pro

The app contains:
- Moon phase data
- lunar calendar with three display modes (current day, more detailed weekly display and a standard calendar month display)
- exact time of entering a new Zodiac sign / Moon position in the Zodiac
- exact start time of a new lunar day
- exact time of a full Moon
- detailed description of each lunar aspect, its interpretation and recommendations
- additional lunar aspects information on dreams, meditation, relationship, business, gardening, nutrition and housework
- search for a favorable day (haircutting, hair coloring, business, sauna & massage, gardening, etc.)
- notifications for the Moon moving into the next Zodiac sign or at the start of a new lunar day
- personalized biorhythms calendar to calculate your physical, emotional and intellectual rhythms according to your birth date
- customizable notes and reminders
- GPS location
- a widget for your desktop

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Nik Novitch
I use it on daily basis. For some reason today is not working, can you advise? Thanks
Danilcenco Ana
It's fun and it didn't cost a million dollars. Always interesting to see the take on the moment. The devs put some effort here to keep it working nice and updated. The only permission that seems remarkably o...
S Bennett