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About MosMetro

Official Moscow Metro mobile app – MosMetro

App provides route planning to any point in Moscow and Moscow region considering all types of city transport (subway, Moscow Central Circle, city transport, suburban rail transport and trains to airport), actual information about Moscow metro and Moscow Central Circle.

You can check infrastructure facilities available on the station and notifications affecting the station. Also you can learn station history, check working hours, train operating schedule, photos, exits to streets, transitions to other stations, nearby city transport and station scheme.

Application options:

‣ Notifications about new station openings,

‣ Closings of stations and parts of lines due to repair works,

‣ Real-time emergency messages,

‣ Routes of city transport available for transfer,

‣ Average trip cost calculation;

‣ Information about incentive parking;

‣ List of more than 100 Moscow sights and cultural monuments with the possibility of building a route to them,

‣ Tariff calculator.

Application enables you to remotely top-up the Troika transport card by credit card and mobile phone account, followed by activation of balance on the yellow information terminal in the subway vestibule.

People with limited mobility can apply for support by the Center of Passenger Mobility staff.

Passengers willing to leave their wishes about subway or report about emergency situations can use the "Feedback" tab, attaching the photos and the detailed description of the appeal, and further monitor its status.

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Очин хорошо
Cristian T
Та вроде все норм
Good app
Blue Dirt
Didn't have any trouble so far. Controls are very intuitive, I can't judge over anything subscription or card related though.
Удобное приложение, с возможностью пополнения карт, поддерживает Самсунг пэй и надеюсь продолжит поддерживать)
loner lone
Почему то нельзя выбрать станцию Автозаводская (зелёная ветка) на карте. Только в поиске.
Sergey Gusev