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About Mnemocon- Improve memory. Intelligence brain games

Do you want to prepare for the exam at school or university, train your brain, improve concentration, improve your memory, imagination, memory skills, brain focus, visual memory. Do you know how quickly remember a lot of information? This training application will help you fit brain!

The application build on the great course of brain exercises to learn techniques for fast and quality remembering the information. Mnemocon include the most effective memory techniques - mnemonics.

Mnemocon is the best of all memory games, sequence game and applications based on cognitive psychology available today. Unlike the applications for the development of cognitive abilities in Mnemocon you will remember the real information from the first lesson - words, phrases, figures and dates, name of US states. And unlike applications that use the principles of mnemonics, in Mnemocon there are systematization of exercise, the gradual increase in complexity and a wide variety of information for memorization.

After completing the Mnemocon course, you will learn how to memorize:
- Names of new acquaintances
- Dates - for example birthdays
- Numbers - for example credit card numbers, phone numbers
- Chronology of historical events
- Lists of cases, purchases and other lists
- Abbreviations
- Geographical names
- etc.

Mnemocon is a good mind gym for your mental ability. You can test our memory, do brain exercises to achieve luminosity mind and mental agility.

Online training, which explains the principles of mnemonics, costs several hundreds of dollars. In Mnemocon, these methods are disclosed fully in just a few paragraphs of the text and with examples. And you can always carry out assignments at a time convenient for you and a convenient place.

The brain fitness and memory improvement will have a positive impact on health. Exercises to memorize will help you think faster, training attention, practice visual memory, have strong mind. Training memory is always a good brain quest and the ability of remembering is useful in everyday life.

Could you give an advice before you will start:
Before doing the exercises, think about what you need to know by heart today. What you really need learn for study, work or every day life. Complete the exercises, share your results with friends and join the Facebook group.

Best wishes, Mnemocon team.

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I love it
Mitchel Abreu Osorio
Cool app
Antoniy CNA
Здравствуйте! Когда то устанавливал это приложение на русском, есть ли возможность сейчас как-то изменить язык внутри программы на русский? Спасибо
Without any type and amount of doubt the idea of the app is awesome, but... The range of words in it is very small. As a result, you will have to memorize the same words again and again. Just try to add one ...
Just great, I am satisfied with the app for now, I've only started using this one
Анатолий С.
Здравствуйте! Приложение отличное. Но не могли бы вы сделать в самом приложении "Выбор языка интерфейса" так как нужен именно русский для Mnemocon
A Google user