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About Notepad with password (free, no ads)

MyTreeNotes Lite - Multifunctional notepad with the ability to store notes in folders with unlimited nesting.
The program is free, without advertising.


In any note, at any level, you can create new folders or turn notes into folders and add new information in more detail.

Voice text input.

Change the text color and background color of notes.

Add a picture from the gallery or a photo from the camera to the note or select an icon from a large number of built-in thematic icons. The icon can be painted in any color.

Data can be password protected.

The text of the note can be turned into a list with the ability to mark lines with checkmarks.

Ability from the note to dial a phone number, send an e-mail or open a Web site.

Notes can be copied, moved, deleted as one by one, and by selected items or entire branches with all subordinate notes.

The "Share" function allows you to merge notes, there are different options and a preview, the result in the form of text can be sent to any other program.

The program automatically creates backups on your device.

Export / Import database to file.

You can add a "Widget" on your desktop. The widget works in 3 modes "Open list of notes", "Edit selected note", "Create new note".

Other features: Filter, keywords, light and dark themes, user settings and more.

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