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About Loan Calculator (limited edition)

Loan Calculator helps you to calculate monthly payment, interest rate, term, interest or loan amount. It allows to create payment schedule and to plan repayment of the loan. Also using this app you can track you loans and never forget about payments.
Limited edition features:
- Support of both types of loans: annuity and differentiated
- Ability to calculate any of main parameters of the loan (monthly payment, amount, interest rate or term)
- Ability to calculate a schedule of repayment using different interest options
- Ability to calculate any early payment and see how it affects your further loan
- You can save and track your loans with this app
- The app will notify you when the payment time comes
- Export loan to PDF
- Export loan to CSV
- No ads
- Ability to calculate recurring extra payments

The best out there. Calculates any mssing variable.
George Harrison
Awesome app, easy to use.
Djavel Toussaint
Simple and Free and it works.
Troy Gossett