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About Debts - Your pocket loan manager

- Would you like to control your money, but fear that it will take too much time?
- The pen and the leaflet are not always at hand, quickly write down the loan?
- Do not know what and how to record, how to organize?
- You lend or borrow, but not always then you can remember about it?
- want to save your money

Without a debt record, it’s impossible to remember everything, but the notes on the pieces of paper are lost ... just like the people who owe you money.

A great option - install our application "My debt" and you can quickly, anywhere, anytime, make a record or see and find out who should or if you have a loan.
The list of loans and tracking your money is very convenient to keep it in the phone, as it is always at hand.

In the application "My debts" you can:
- indicate to whom you owe or who owe you money
- indicate the amount of debt or loan
- indicate the expected date of repayment of the loan
- track the total amount of your debts or loans
- partially or fully repay the debt, as well as increase the loan. This is reflected in the history of debt.
- add creation date, as well as a date for each record (partial redemption / increase)
- Comment on any loan record and this will also be seen in the history of the "My Debts"
- intuitive interface, easy to use

With the application "My Debts" created to help you effectively manage debts. You will never forget to pay for your debt
With the help of the debt book - save your own and other people's money.

If you have given away more than you borrowed, then now you owe it, and the loan is automatically transferred from "I must" to "I owe"

If you want to help with translation into other languages, contact [email protected]
Always welcome your comments and suggestions!

Great app
anil sah
This is very useful and simple. I appreciate the creators of this app. I have choices but i prefer this app.
Armand Punsalang
Very good
Christopher Nkanang