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About RaiPay Raiffeisen banka a.d. Srbija

RaiPay is a new banking application by Raiffeisen banka that allows you to add Visa debit cards issued by Raiffeisen banka for making contactless payments by mobile phone.

It is designed for mobile phones running Android 6 and above and supporting NFC.
The debit cards you added to RaiPay will always be at your fingertips so you can leave your wallet at home.

A clear history of all the actions you take gives you even more control over your money.
All information can be found at

Always make sure that NFC on your mobile phone is turned on before paying. Also, be sure to set the correct NFC type ("Use HCE Wallet") for Xiaomi phones.

If you set RaiPay as the default app for NFC payments, you will pay by mobile phone
even easier.
The benefit: there is no need to run the app when paying. All you need to do is wake up the phone, attach to the terminal and wait for the phone confirmation.

To activate the application and add cards to the application, a data or wi-fi internet connection is required. You do not need to be online when making payments, all you have to do is have your NFC antenna turned on.

If you have several cards added to RaiPay, set one as the default cardfrom which payments will be made automatically. If you want to make a payment from a card other than the default card, just open the application before the event, choose a different card and then tap the phone to the terminal or reader.

You do not need to run the app before payment (if it is set as default for NFC payments). We recommend unlocking the phone before payment (by fingerprint, PIN, etc.), then you only need to attach the phone once (for payments up to RSD 10,000). If you forget, the app will ask you to unlock your phone and re-attach to the terminal. For payments exceeding RSD 10,000, you will be asked to enter the application password and re-attach to the terminal.

RaiPay can also be used abroad for payments at merchants with contactless terminals. The procedure is the same as in Serbia. You will only need to unlock the phone for amounts exceeding the limit set for the country where you are making payments.

For support, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] or call +381 11 3202 100.

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