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About Rapid Cleaner - boost & clean

🚀Rapid Cleaner is a new highly productive application. It is quiet simple and easy to use!
This app can boosts your smartphone's speed and capacity up to 100%.

Rapid Cleaner - will exactly improve your phone because it includes astonishing functions as:
✅Memory Cleaning
✅CPU Cooling
✅System cleaning
✅Energy saving

⚙️ Smart optimization and memory cleaning

The smart diagnostic in our app is your perfect memory cleaning solution for smartphone. Optimal for pulling out all the trash from your device, files and cache fragments, and as a result it increases the speed and capability of your operating system.

Rapid Cleaner silently cleans your phone without interfering your phone use.

❄️ CPU Cooling

We have developed a new processor cooling technology to avoid your phone overheating, and keep it from getting injured. The battery and processor life will be longer than you can imagine and the phone's actions will be accelerated.

📲 System Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that your smartphone not as fast as it used to be? Maybe it's all because you have a lot of junk files and unsafe apps and they from time to time are slowing down your phone.

Rapid Cleaner is analyzing all the files on your device, finds out unnecessary ones that might block productivity of your device and get rid of them. Our Cleaner, will help your phone work faster than rocket.

🔋 Advanced battery-saving technology

Can you imagine that your phone NOT running out of power fast? Now it is possible! We have created a exceptional battery saving technology. It analyzes and clears away unnecessary background operations and processes that consume a lot of power of your device. As the result - you have more battery power, and your smartphone won't stop working at the most important moment of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Rapid Cleaner?

Rapid Cleaner is a highly productive application that boosts your smartphone's speed and capacity up to 100% by providing functions like memory cleaning, CPU cooling, system cleaning, and energy saving.

How does Rapid Cleaner improve your phone's performance?

Rapid Cleaner improves your phone's performance by optimizing memory cleaning, cooling the CPU to prevent overheating, cleaning unnecessary files for system optimization, and implementing advanced battery-saving technology.
Razia Ayoub