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About SOTA Spotter

SOTA Spotter is a simple application that retrieves spots from and displays them in an easy to read manner.

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. You can learn more about it at

Main features:

* Sends spots - via internet or via SMS (useful on summits where cell coverage is not good enough for reliable internet traffic)
* Sends alerts (planned activations)
* Retrieves spots/alerts
* Map of nearby summits
* Spot filtering (by band, mode, call sign, association, region and summit)
* Notifications (vibrations, ringtone, LED and read aloud)
* Multiple color themes

Works just great and very handy to spot!
Stephan Markus Schmid
Very useful app
Stephen Wade
THE go-to app for SOTA fans. The separate Spots & Alerts tab help you keep on top of who's on air, where and what's coming up. The SMS posting option means you can send spots from a hill top with thin GSM co...
Paddy O'Reilly