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About List + (for couples, voice input...)

With List + you can easily and quickly create lists and notes and share them with others.
The lists can be edited on any internet enabled device (
and are immediately synchronized with your Android smartphone.
You don't need registration.
The app makes maximum use of the screen height, ideal for longer lists.
You can choose a different color for each list and place it as a widget on the home screen
(Buttons, icons & widgets are colored accordingly).
This means that the respective list can be reached quickly with just one click and additional information is displayed.
The app synchronizes itself via FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) in the background, i. H. the next time you go to your list
it is already up to date and ready to go without delay. Other apps usually first have to register and synchronize.
Each shared list is assigned a unique list ID, which can be used to access the list via the app or the Internet browser (

The app differentiates between 3 list types:

⇒ Shopping lists:
If you want to add new products here, you can do it by your voice or the app will give you up to 8 suitable suggestions
(if you enter e.g. Br , then Br ead , Br occoli , Br atwurst ... to choose from).

It is also unique that the goods are illustrated, if you add apple , then a 🍎 will appear to the left.
You can zoom in and out on the list at any time to get an overview.

⇒ To-do & Checklist:
Similar to the shopping list, only here the entries are numbered instead of the product images.
There are no suggestions either, but you can add pre-made lists (e.g. travel checklist).

⇒ Notes:
Even if mostly only lists are mentioned here, a lot also applies to the notes.
In addition, Internet links and mail addresses can be highlighted and are easily accessible.
So you can easily exchange long links between smartphone and PC.


  • Voice input

  • Lists and notes can be shared

  • If not shared, the data remains safe on the respective device

  • Lists can be placed as a widget on the start screen

  • Accessible with any internet-capable device via internet browser

  • Shopping list shows product images and makes suggestions

  • Ready-made checklists can easily be inserted

  • No (start) delays

  • Synchronizes in the background

  • No login / registration required

  • The language can be set to German and English

  • Data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored on a German server

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