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About GrillEye

GrillEye® app is especially designed to work with your GrillEye® Smart Bluetooth® Grilling & Smoking Thermometer. It allows you to monitor your grill or smoker, while you relax with your friends and family. As soon as food temperature reaches the desired levels, GrillEye® sends a notification to your iOS device.

Using the GrillEye® app comes natural and, indicatively, enables you to:
- monitor up to 6 different temperatures, from a distance of up to 100m.
- easily select from a list of temperature presets for grilling or smoking (set according to the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for safe cooking).
- create your own preset temperatures in order to tailor your grilling or smoking to your exact preferences
- set timers with notes and many more.

Google™ changed its permission requirements beginning with Android OS 6.0.
As a result the locations permission is necessary to sync your Grilleye PRO series device with your Android device.

GrillEye® PRO application does not track your location.

Easy to use, no screwing around like the weber app. Just open it and straight into the screen showing temps. Better Bluetooth range than the weber aswell
Adrian Sanchez
It turned out this app is not compatible with the grilleye pro plus. Technical support responded quickly.
Ed Zucker
Edit 2: 5 stars!!! It connects to my s10+ now. Everything I cook has been turning out great now that i use temp instead of time. Didn't realize I needed multiple probes until I had multiple probes.😁 Not sur...
Bert Mason