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About Qibla Finder: Qibla Direction

Qibla direction finder is an Islamic app for all Muslims in the world.Qibla compass is using your current location with the help of a GPS map to find out accurate Qibla direction. The direction of Kaaba in Mecca (Makkah) is pointed out with an arrow on the compass so that you can adjust your direction before you start your prayer.When offering Salat (Namaz), all Muslims need the exact direction of Kaaba located in Mecca. Qibla Compass will find accurate Qiblah direction or Qibla direction very easily. It is obligatory upon all Muslims to face the Qibla while offering the 5 daily prayers and this Qibla Finder App helps Muslims find the exact direction so they do not need to guess.Digital Compass - GPS, Level & Qibla Direction is a functional and simple compass application without needing unnecessary permissions and you can use this app at any place in the world to find qibla direction (Qibla Finder compass) accurately.This is a simple and instant Kaaba locator or kaaba tracker tool on play market.Find Qibla direction on the Gps Map through the Qibla finder compass. Qibla finder app for namaz determines the mecca direction accurately with and without the internet easily. Qibla locator & Mecca finder is a functional and accurate compass app without needing unnecessary permission. It has beautiful compass design that precisely locates the direction of Qibla. An attractive user interface that comprises a Compass & Arrow Indicator that points to the direction of Kaaba'h. This qibla finder offline app find the permanent direction associated with Kaabah pak in Macca and best spirit degree indicator. qibla direction finder or even qibla finder totally free compass app also displays the Mekah distance from your location and gives the information to your place address. Whether you are in a place where you do not know the direction of qibla and you have to offer prayers to make use of this qibla direction finder offline app.

-✦-Qibla Finder is a smart android application that will help Muslims to find Qibla direction.
-✦- Qibla Finder helps all muslims around the world to find Qibla direction fastest and easiest way with 100% Accuracy works Online and Offline.
-✦- With GPS technology will help to you find direction qibla quickly and exactly.
-✦-Muslim Tools To Determine Qibla Direction.

Qibla Finder – Find Qibla Direction
- Compass in multiple fragments
- Offline qibla
- Check Qibla direction for any city, region and part of world
- Finds accurate direction of Qibla from your current location
- Shows you distance from your current location to Qibla
- It Measures and shows you the angle in degrees for Qibla direction
- Multiple Qibla Dials and Compasses for you to choose

* This Qibla finder app can automatically detect the current location anywhere
* Offline Qibla compass can determine the direction of Qibla accurately and easily
* This Qibla compass for namaz app can calculate the distance from current location to Makkah.
* This is work with network and also work offline with the internet.
*This Qibla finder app can be used anywhere in the world
*Can be used easily and very commonly
*Very attractive user-friendly interface
*This Qibla finder is free to download
*Provides accurate qibla direction
*Find mecca direction with complete ease
*Qibla finder is facile to use
*Ultimate qibla locator for mecca direction
For the most accurate measurement, device should be kept flat and at a proper distance from electromagnetic fields for precise pointing.Without internet connection, you can activate your device’s GPS (location) service and find qibla direction. To find qibla direction like this, your mobile must have compass sensor.

Mazidou Kare
Very nice qibla finder app
Chirath Mc
Very nice Qibla direction app..
Lucy Scarlett
Qibla direction is verry good app for all Muslims its very help me to find Qibla direction in new place .I highly recommend 👌
syed zaid
Great UI design and working accurate 🆗..this qibla finder app is the best one
Affifa Khan
It is perfect app👌
Abdul Waris Qadirzada