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About LCleaner: Optimizer & Booster

All-in-One phone cleaner 2021 — a clean master for your phone

🚀 Speed up your phone performace
⚡ Find apps running in background
⚡ Stop background apps with RAM booster
⚡ Optimize RAM
⚡ Speed up your device

❓ «How to speed up my phone?»
There are many phone cleaner apps, and LCleaner is one of the best.
Memory cleaner is an essential part of any optimizer app for Android. It stops background and junks apps and boosts the memory.

🗑️ Remove junk
⚡ Remove junk files
⚡ Clear cache
⚡ Remove unneeded installers

❓ «How to remove junk from phone?»
It's almost impossible to delete junk files without special apps like a phone cleaner.
LCleaner scans your device to find all unneeded files and remove junk from phone.

Storage cleaner
⚡ Find large files
⚡ Delete big files
⚡ Remove obsolete files
⚡ Remove junk apps
⚡ Find unneeded photos

❓ «Why do I need a storage analyzer?»
You can't effectively find the files that take most of your space — they can be hidden or placed in non-obvious places.
This free big file locator scans your phone to find big files.

🖼️ Remove duplicate photos
⚡ Easily find duplicate photos
⚡ Remove duplicate photos in single click

❓ «How much space do the duplicate pictures take?»
A lot! It's almost impossible to remove duplicate photos without a duplicate finder.
Our duplicate photo remover module can help you to find and delete every duplicated photo on your phone and reclaim space.

🖼️ Remove old photos
⚡ Easily delete old and failed photos with just swiping

❓ «How to clean my photos?»
Use our photos cleaning app to easily delete old photos: just swipe right to keep a photo, or swipe left to remove it.

👥 Contacts clean up
⚡ Find duplicate contacts with a single click
⚡ Remove duplicate contacts (no worries — we won't delete anything without your approval)
⚡ Merge contacts with same name
⚡ Merge contacts with same number
⚡ Remove unneeded contacts

❓ «How to clean my contacts?»
Cleaning contacts consists of two steps — removing duplicates and deleting old contacts. Our contacts cleaner module can do both!
Clean duplicate contacts with just a few taps!

🚀 Apps manager
⚡ Find apps that take lots of space
⚡ Find and uninstall apps that you don't use
⚡ Remove junk apps
⚡ Remove hidden apps

Install LCleaner phone booster now and give it a try!

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Good cleaner
Raina Karla
Great cleaner app! Used it to remove junk files
Krause Jamarion
I like the app and it is easy to work with.
Thelma L Flowers