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About Pocket Thai Speaking: Learn To Speak Thai Today

Don’t just memorize a few key phrases - learn actual Thai vocab and grammar so that you can truly understand the language and create unique sentences.

Pocket Thai Speaking is designed for travelers and others that want to learn the most important parts of the Thai language quickly and easily.

Try the first four lessons for free today!


What will you learn with Pocket Thai Speaking?

• 22 Lessons: 220 pages of interactive content

• Focus On The Essentials: Learn only the most important items for daily life and travel in Thailand

• Culture Lessons & Travel Tips: Highlight the unique aspects of Thai culture and learn tips for fitting in to Thai culture and how to behave politely

• Professional Audio: 1000+ clear audio recordings of female and male native Thai speakers

• Interactive Quizzes: Test your understanding with fun multiple choice quizzes that change each time you take them

• Friendly and Fun Explanations: A warm tone and down to earth explanations of both grammar and culture make learning easy

• Study at Your Own Pace: Designed to be effective at whatever pace works best for you

• Always With You: Pocket Thai is anywhere that you are, no internet connection required


Which version of Pocket Thai is right for you?

Pocket Thai Master contains 38 lessons and teaches reading, speaking, and culture. It is ideal for serious students and anyone living and/or working in Thailand for 6 months or longer.

Pocket Thai Speaking contains 22 lessons and teaches the most important aspects of speaking and culture. Ideal for travelers and some long term visitors that want to learn the basics without a major investment of their time.

Pocket Thai Reading contains 12 lessons and teaches only the Thai script. It is aimed at people that probably speak Thai already but never learned how to read the Thai alphabet and tone rules.


What Pocket Thai Speaking is NOT:

This is not another app made by a company that gets a list of the most common vocabulary words in 20+ languages and creates a bunch of apps with simple picture/word matching games.  I spent years living in Thailand and studying Thai including reading many grammar books, creating and reviewing thousands of flashcards, and having lots of conversations with friends and acquaintances.  This app contains lengthy grammar explanations and cultural nuances that other programs don't include, because their authors probably don't even speak the languages of the apps that they create.


Want More Info?

• Please email with any questions that you may have: [email protected]

• I respond to every email that I receive and answer questions, give advice, or listen to feedback!

• More information is available on the website:

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Very good stuff
Amnuay thitkathok
This is a very good app. There are so much to learn😊
Erick Gornez
Very nice!
Rosalie Mahinay
G My
Aeron Nhir Macalisang
Makes learning Thai much more easier to learn.
Yannick Melançon
It's Good, khob khun kha☺️
raizalyn may francisco