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About bimmer-tool (BTool) Lite

Important: This application requires a reliable OBD adapter. Cheap adapters may not work or functionality may be limited. K+D-Can cable of the following Bluetooth adapters are recommended:

- UniCarScan UCSI-2000: Choose setting: D-Can mode: MODE2
- Carista
- Veepeak OBDCheck BLE

Application allows to read and erase fault codes in BMW 1/3/5 E/F series and similar models.
It allows to:
- read fault codes with descriptions
- erase fault codes
- read engine parameters in real time: coolant temperature, oil temperature, boost pressure, air mass, exhaust gases temperature, ash and soot mass in DPF filter.

Supported OBD adapters:
- K+D-Can USB: This is recommended and most reliable adapter. You will also need USB-OTG cable.
- ELM327 Bluetooth: Bluetooth connection may be less stable than USB connection. Only genuine ELM327 adapters will work. Bluetooth adapters may not work with older cars (<2008)
- ELM327 WiFi: Like ELM Bluetooth, connection may be slower, older cars may be not supported.

More features in bimmer-tool full version

Excellent. This app works well especially with the Carista ELM 327BLE adapter. You can also use a dcan as well. I have both. Logging is real-time data without delay. Wish the paid version was as quick to dis...
Shawn M
Musso Alexandru
Amazing app delete airbag light
Juan Aviles