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About Drum Loops - Rock Beats

★ Highly accurate BPM engine ★
★ Designed and tested by professional musicians ★
★ Perfect both for advanced and amateurs ★

Drum Loops Rock Beats gives you a big choice of grooves, beats and tones. The beats are divided in categories, so that you can easily select your genre and the speed to play your track.
You can sort beats by: BPM, type (ballad, hardrock, heavy metal, indie, pop, punk), tempo and other. If you want - choose your favourite tracks and make your own list.

★ Application has organized and intuitive interface. Using it you can choose among the fifty available samples.

An intelligently designed drum engine let's you change the speed / BPM of each beat. This makes practicing even more fun and you don't need your metronome or drum machine.

★ High sound quality makes app sounds great whether for private practice or when amplified for group performances.

The result is an incredible handy and useful app dedicated to any musicians. Drum Loops Rock can also help you write your own song: who has ever written a hit without a nice rhythm behind it?

Sounds categories in Drum Loops Rock Beats:
★ Ballad
★ Hardrock
★ Heavy Metal
★ Indie
★ Pop
★ Punk

★ Adjustable tempo speed
★ Play in background
★ Tunes sorting
★ Many beats, tunes and drum backgrounds
★ Can be use as metronome

If you have any comments, feedback or you need help with Drum Loops Rock Beats, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

shine htet
This app is great for when you would like drums, but drummers are hard to come by.
Garry L Jenness
Fun for band practice when the drummer can't make it.