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About PKM Jaworzno

This is the official mobile application of the Urban Transport Company (PKM) in Jaworzno that allows to purchase all type of the tickets listed in the Fare List.
The following tickets are available: the single-ride tickets, short-term tickets, long-term tickets.
Having the said application means that the purchase of the very popular 1-year ticket is possible without the Jaworznian City Card (Jaworznicka Kartka Miejska).
The interesting feature of this application is an option to send the real-time messages - about the city transport changes - to its users.
Moreover, the application is fully integrated with the real-time passenger information system.

An amazing app to quickly see the timetables and buy tickets! Thanks guys!
Lydia Kundys
Powinna być możliwość podpięcia karty miejskiej i np doładowania jej za pomocą aplikacji
Bartosz Jarzynka