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About Grand Lake OK

The Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show has always been a place for Grand Lake businesses of all types to unveil new and different things. Whether it’s been the strongest concentration of boat dealers in the entire southwest announcing new models and innovative approaches to boating or Pine Lodge Resort announcing the introduction of hot tubs, the show has always provided a stage for the unique…And here at Grand Lake News Online we’re just glad to join the party with the introduction of our Grand Lake App to provide lake users all the information they will need in one convenient location.

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Lake Navigation

This whole thing really started with a simple desire to know where we are when boating on Grand Lake. The map portion of the app will be GPS driven and the majority of the names of coves and landmarks will appear on the map. If a Laker has the app, pulling up to my dock and asking, “Is this Dripping Springs Cove,” won’t be an issue any longer. Merely click on the app, then click on Grand Lake Places and a boater’s location will be displayed as well as the names of the coves and other landmarks nearby. The GPS locator dot on the map will also provide a way to navigate to coves, businesses and other landmarks around the lake. And for commercial subscribers, it will allow for identification, a link to their web site and the ability to use push notifications to communicate specials and other information.

Lake News

No paper, no problem! When utilizing the app, if a user clicks on the news tab it would link them to this week’s stories and news releases in Grand Lake News Online. Each story would have the headline displayed and if the user had an interest, clicking on the headline would take them to the complete story on our web site.

Upcoming Events

Events and promotions are what makes Grand Lake special and this portion of the app will be dedicated to keeping the user abreast of what’s happening from weekend to weekend. By clicking the events tab within the application, a user will be connected to the Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce event calendar. Want to know what night the fireworks are going to happen in Duck Creek or what weekend the big poker run and Welcome Back Weekend are scheduled for? It’s all just a click away.

GRDA Emergency

Mishaps on the lake are few and far between, but when you need the GRDA Lake Patrol there’s usually little time to waste during and emergency situation. The portion of the app will direct connect a user to the updated lake version of 911 or to the non-emergency dispatch number in Vinita. The GRDA in turn will be using the system to send critical information to Grand Lake boaters via push notifications which will show up on their phones. A typical notification might ask for the cooperation of boaters to stay clear of an area where they are working an accident or drowning.

Lake Conditions

The Lake Conditions tab within the app will provide all lake level pertinent information including inflows and outflows. It will also include a direct link to the current version of lake rules and the Grand Lake Fishing Report.

Lake Weather

The lake weather portion will provide specific Grand Lake weather conditions including forecast, current temperature and radar. For a boater who’s concerned about weather fronts, thunderstorms and when to head back home port ahead of time, this will provide Grand Lake specific information.

The app will be up and running at the big boat show and we’ll have a booth in Grand Lake area loading the app for Grand Lakers. This is just the initial offering and we’re contemplating additions to make it even more valuable to Grand Lake users and commercial operators. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear about ‘em. Come by our booth at the show and we’ll glad to demonstrate the next step in an ever changing Grand Paradise.

See Ya’ Around the Pond!!

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