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About Parchisi Live

Parchisi Live is a family game that has been loved by all of us since our childhood. We present to you the best free Parchisi Live game that lets you play right away on your smartphone. Go crazy and live your childhood once again. 

A simple but classic board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to dice rolls.

Parchisi is a popular board game derived from an ancient Indian game called Pachisi. It’s played all around the world.

Parchisi is also popularly known as Paarchisi, Parchís, Parxís, Parqués all over the World.

You can play this game against computer or against your friends. It’s pretty easy; every player has its own coloured four tokens. There are four colors red, green, yellow and blue.

Parchisi Live board game is for 2-4 players. Each player has a set of pawns that start at the corner of the board. The playing order in Parchisi is decided by each player throwing the dice. The player starts the game first by entering into the track by throwing a ‘5’. This can be singular dice or as a combination of the numbers thrown on both dice, and turns continue counter-clockwise around the board. If a 6, 10, or 25 are thrown; the player gets a grace, which enables the player to introduce one of their pieces from the Charkoni onto the board. 

All players in Parchisi Live, move around the same board, so they may capture each other’s pawns. Captured pawns are returned to their player's corner and must start their journey over. The winner is the first player to move all pawns "home".

Play with your Facebook friends, against the computer, against your friends in local multiplayer or with millions of Parchisi live players around the world.

You can also create Private Rooms and invite your friends to play.

Get the whole family together and discover your new favourite Parchisi game. Friendly competition has never been this fun- we've got classic strategy game Parchisi Live for you.

The animation effects and design will blow your mind and will give seamless fun experience while playing the game.

Parchisi Live brings you a really unique gaming experience.

Are you ready for the royal adventure? This is very old game of subcontinent played by kings in the 6th century. It has everything you need for a board game. 

It is a fun, family-friendly board game.

Become the king in this exciting and interesting Parchisi Live game.

Download Parchisi Live for free today!

**** Parchisi Live Features ****

1. Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest 
2. Competitive AI's

3. Watch video to earn coins

4. Invite Friends and Family to your Private Room 

5. Play with players around the world

6. 2, 3 & 4 Player Mode 

7. Play with Local Multiplayer

8. All time classic family Parchisi game

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Enjoy Parchisi Live!!

Patty Wailes
the game is fun to play
Pot Licker
Raman Khatri
Really fun!!!! What are the tokens for???
Emmanuel Gonzalez
This is a very fun and accurate game to the original board game
Christeen Bradley
Great game, but need the options to play 2 human VS CPU OR 3 humans play with 1 cpu....
manuel encarnacion