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About Cheap Flights and Hotels

The application for finding the cheapest prices for flights and hotels allows you to:
✓ Find the best deals from airlines;
✓ Compare the prices of plane tickets in different companies, both for direct flights and with transfers;
✓ Book your plane ticket online at the best price;
✓ Search for hotels in a specific location;
✓ Compare the conditions of accommodation and service in different hotels;
✓ Choose a suitable hotel and book a room online.

How to use the application

1. To search for and book air tickets:
- Select the city of destination and city of departure;
- Choose a ticket class - economy or business;
- Select the number of passengers;
- Click on the search button;
- Choose the best option that can be booked directly in the app.
2. To search for hotels:
- Select the city where the hotel is supposed to be booked;
- Select the dates of placement;
- Select the number of guests;
- Click on the search button;
- Find the best accommodation option, booking can be made directly in the mobile app.

We do not set prices for air tickets and hotel accommodation. We are not sellers. The application only allows you to compare options in different companies in which the booking is made.

Provision is required to add past trips for record keeping purposes, by manually adding past dates
Morrow Diamond
I like this app because it shows me different ways to get where I am going and options for prices and airlines
It is a very good application. The use is very simple and easy. It is a very touristic application. This app is very nice and useful.