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About Christmas Photo Creator

In every window of the gingerbread house you will see a traditional Christmas figure. For example Santa Claus with Christmas presents. Now click on the photo symbol and you will be able to place yourself or your family in the midst of the presents. Or put on the cap of Santa Claus – for your children as well as for yourself. This app allows you to create a unique set of photos and selfies for Christmas and you may share them with all your friends via social media. Show your talent!

Be aware that this app makes an effort to boost your creativity: Some photos are more of a challenge than others. Don’t give up, when the first one, which you create, doesn’t meet your expectations fully. That may happen. Try again until you find the ideal position. Please, accept the challenge of achieving a gradual improvement! And share all well-taken photos with friends and family. Care has been taken to avoid kitsch. You will like your well-taken photos also in 10 years from now. Maybe you want to create your personalized Christmas photo album?

Selected features and functionalities: When you open the app, you see a gingerbread house with 24 windows. They contain images, which you can use for creating your Christmas photos - you can see the large version by tapping a window. Tap the photo button at the right side below the picture in order to create a photo. Now part of the former image will remain, but there is space, where you can position a person for taking the photo (maybe just the face or several persons or yourself). If you don’t like your work, just don’t save it. Then go back using the trash button to the left below the picture, which brings you one step back, and try again. Bingo! You have made it! Now use the share button in the middle in order to send your masterwork to your friends and relatives via social media.

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Legal reference: All property rights have been respected