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About Chakra Oracle Cards: The Power of 8

Chakrify Yourself! The POWER of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards has it all:

Energy healing, divination, affirmations, chakra balancing and intuitive guidance all-in-one.

The app identifies which chakra needs balancing and includes tips on how to heal.

Each card is an affirmation to attract happiness and success.

The oracle offers you intuitive guidance for what is your next step with sprinkles of Law of Attraction techniques.

Unique paintings and illustrations by an energy healing artist combined with soul healing advice from a spiritual medium.

Features the Soul Star chakra healing on the back of each card for an extra energy boost!

Features simple yet effective spreads to try or just go with your chakra card of the day.

May you find clarity, wisdom, motivation and joy with this chakra oracle card app meant to uplift your spirit and increase your vibration.

✨Love and Light✨

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Love this ❤️ app. Thanks for creating this. I love the artwork and the affirmations.
Anne Dickson