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About Shri Anandpur Satsang

'Shri Anandpur Satsang' is the official app of 'Shri Anandpur'. 'Shri Anandpur' is the nerve centre of the great Spiritual Mission 'Shri Paramhans Advait Mat'. It is renowned world over as the main centre of devotion and spiritualism where seekers of Truth obtain spiritual knowledge and true peace.

This app contains introduction and detailed historical background of 'Shri Anandpur', text and audio of devotional songs (Bhajan), text and audio of spiritual discourses (Satsang), publications among other useful features. This app also shows a motivational quote everyday.

The information and articles on the app can be read in English and Hindi both. Also devotional songs and discourses are available in multiple languages like Hindi, Sindhi and Punjabi.

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Bhawna Dhingra
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