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About Track Recorder(Torque OBD/Car)

This is a plugin for the 'Torque' android app that allows you to overlay a video with your car OBD2 data. Perfect to see how you were driving!

Some features are:

* Watch the video you made with OBD data (speed, turbo boost, rpm as well as other OBD sensors) GPS, Accelerometers overlaid on the video.

* Google Maps semi-transparent overlay so you can watch your position on a map as well as the video at the same time.

* Can record in Hi-Def / HD or Low-def video (an option in the settings).

* USB Camera support - have up to 3 cameras active at once (or use both the front and back cameras on your phone if it supports both being used at once, and a USB camera too!)

* Even if you don't have an OBD2 module, the app can still record sensor information from GPS and the accelerometer on your phone

* Layout the recording dashboard how you want by press-and-holding on the screen.

* Video export to popular apps like YouTube or save them on your Google Drive

* Other uses include as a blackbox video recorder to record your daily drives with looping video recording, at the track/raceway to help improve your skills, or as a recorder to help combat incorrect speeding tickets

If you have a feature you want to see in the app, please email me using the contact developer link below!

More sensors and gauges will be added in the next few releases!.

Check out the Torque forums at (click the developer link below).

Note: This plugin needs the full version of Torque Pro

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Settings - display- full screen apps- torque-full screen. Will now work
On android Settings>Display>Full screen apps> click tab to "allow Track recorder" Enjoy :)
Mike Riina
The latest security patch of android 10 does not allow recording as the screen cast blocks it for security reasons, Please ensure troque pro has options that does not fall in conflict with the data capture f...
Prashanth Guru Prasad