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About PDF and DJVU Reader

Are you looking for best PDF reader?
This is it. It is more than just another PDF reader!

Our software is not only PDF reader, but also DjVU, XPS, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, FB2 (including zipped) and even CBR and CBZ. More formats to come.

Since version 2.2.1 we add experimental Text-To-Speech support.

Now all your favorite books & comics will always be with you in one place.
Unleash whole power of your device with hardware-accelerated OpenGL rendering, including Olen GL ES 2.0 and 3.0 optimizations for improved speed and smoothness of reading.

New versions provide more flexible font mapping for PDF documents:
- If an external font is found in the same folder with document, this font will be applied.
- Also, user can define a list of directories (/sdcard/fonts by default) where external fonts can be found.
- If an external font in a PDF document has the same family name as one of the font found in these directories or in local book directory, the found font will be applied.
- Otherwise, the appropriate NimbusL font will be used.

You need work with 2, 3 or even more documents at the same time - no problem. Our software supports multiple documents with instant switching between them. Amount of documents depend of available RAM.

Do you have Samsung device with multi-window OS? This reader support it!

Do you need comment your document? Easy. Enable edit mode and use long tap to activate freehand notes, text highlight and more.

Create text notes/diary pages while reading bood and export all of them as separate document.

Reading book on foreign language? We do support external dictionaries! Just configure!

We do have page turning emulation - just switch to single page mode and choose page turning effect of your choice!

No extra permissions required, only access to a storage card.
You can be absolutely sure that none of your confidential information will be leaked to the Internet.

Try our unique features:
- Various viewing modes including single page and horizontal scroll ones.
- Auto-scanning device storage and removable media.
- Search for books and search inside books (including DjVU).
- Night mode for comfortable text reading.
- Auto-splitting double-page spreads in two separate pages (including right-to-left scans).
- Cropping - no more wasting of your screen space.
- Automatic and manual cropping modes available.
- Bookmarking with custom titles.
- Tree-like outline.
- Home screen widget for your recent books.
- Real full screen for Android 4.4

A lot of various preferences allowing you to customize reader as you wish.

This application is a donation version of EBookDroid.

If you like EBD and want to support, please buy this app.

Liked the free version so upgraded and it's even better. However since update no longer able to add shortcut to book to home screen
Freddy Bush
My complex pdfs like maps load about four times faster. Great work!
Thiemo Eggers
I use the free ebookdroid a lot, it really helps. Buy this to support it's development. With all fonts included, this is even better.
A Google user