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About Toucan Together

Toucan Together helps you strengthen your relationship and make an even more meaningful connection, whether you are married, dating or in a long-term partnership.

A great relationship doesn’t happen by accident. We put time and energy into our jobs, hobbies, health …and even cars! Why not look after the most important thing you have?

Get started with Toucan Together’s ‘Pulse’ - our research based quiz, which gives you a map of your relationship in 7 key areas and personalised recommendations. Then enjoy your recommended module or pick your own.

Our modules enable you to explore a variety of topics, so you can:

- Discover deeper ways to communicate.
- Find positive approaches for resolving arguments.
- Learn to speak each other’s love languages.
- Build friendship, intimacy and a great sex-life.
- Develop constructive ways to manage money together.
- Grow through relationship challenges.
- Strengthen commitment and trust.

Toucan Together gives you loads of great features:

- Enjoy bite-sized videos of real couples sharing honestly.
- Interactive exercises and quizzes.
- Engaging animation and eye-catching graphics.
- Practical tools to improve your relationship skills.
- Tracking of strengths and growth areas.
- Bonus features and rewards.

The app is designed for couples to give you quality time and conversations. You’ll watch bite-sized videos and complete exercises on your own devices; your information (eg. answers to exercises, bookmarks and notes) stays private to you. Then meet for a ‘Couple Time’ to share what is relevant for you and learn more about yourself and each other!

Record ‘Action Points’ to help achieve your relationship goals. Receive regular insight into your relationship, track growth areas and your strengths with Pulse.

Find out more and watch our introductory video at:

Download Toucan Together today - it’s FREE. Invite your partner to join you, unlocking the whole of Toucan Together to enrich and strengthen your relationship.

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This is a BRILLIANT help with really getting a fantastic relationship fired up. Improves general communication too.
A Google user
Really enjoy working through the modules with my wife. It's great watching the videos and realising that a) I'm not the only one that has weaknesses and b) there are things I can do to work on them.
Helpful couple's app with elements to work through both alone, and especially together. Good to see the developer working on and correcting issues.
Lynne Shaw