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About topic

topic - share knowledge, earn happiness: with topic you can earn happiness by getting knowledge and sharing it to the world. With topic. No less!
topic is a New Zealand mobile app with the first in “everything” in New Zealand in term of various contents of news, topics, fresh and magical stories, matters, knowledge, entertainment, gossip, and video, etc.

With topic you can: 

staying in touch with the world around you. 

Update the fastest and hottest news.
Do not miss any news with the headlines channel, updated entertainment channel, beauty, fashion, lifestyles, food, history, business, health ...
Connect, share, discuss with communities with similar interests.
Entertainment on topic with a range of engaging content from your favourite content creators & creators.

becoming a content creator star is easy. Everyone can be an influencer; we all have a brand and voice.

Grow your own audience with the app.

Influencer Are Joining:

With a list of kiwi influencers joining topic, you can interact and communicate with your idols on the app and grow to be an influencer yourself.

valuable information to the community with a positive energy system.

Simply share your favorite news stories and content.

4.Support the community
We support the local community.

We partner with the local businesses and support our people get through the difficulty.

Let's explore and enjoy the wonderful moment on topic New Zealand and help grow our beautiful country together!!

There is no more beautiful thing than an app on knowledge
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