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ChipTip - threads, cutting speed, fits and more Screenshot 0
ChipTip - threads, cutting speed, fits and more Screenshot 1
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About ChipTip - threads, cutting speed, fits and more

ChipTip is designed and build for metal working enthusiasts.

"Base" functionality package (this is what you'll buy on this page):
B1. "Threads" screen allows you to find hole diameter for tapping particular internal thread (nut) and rod diameter (to be turned on lathe) for cutting of external thread (bolt). Also program gives you depth of cut and number of passes (together with depth of each pass) when turning thread via lathe with tool bit. Screen allows to choose standard threads: Metric, UNC, UNF, UNEF, UN, UNS, G BSP, W BS84, BSF, TR, PG.

B2. "Cutting speed" screen allows you to calculate appropriate cutting speed or spindle speed.

B3. "Preferred fits" - allows to choose the fit between two parts: one part with the \"hole\" (it is round shape or two inner parallel planes), second part of \"shaft\" type (either of round shape or two outer parallel planes). You can choose the fit with desired tightness and mechanical properties and then calculate exact dimensions of your part.

B4. "Cones" screen allows to find unknown cone dimension based on known dimensions. Also some selection of standard cones (e.g. Morse) built in to this program for reference purpose.

B5. "Visual thermometer for steel" - contains simulation of steel bar heater and shows realistic tint and radiant heat colors for steel. This screen could be used to determine steel temperature by "eye" which is enough for many metal working hobbyists. It contains reference data for hardening and tempering generic steels (based on %of carbon in it).

B6. "Thermal expansion" - based on selected material (there are 18 different materials), temperature variation and linear dimension of the part this screen calculates expanded linear dimension. Or based on two linear dimensions it can calculate temperature variation needed to achieve such dimension difference.

B7. "Hex/square raw material" - calculates rod diameter you need to mill hex or square profile from it.

B8. "Level resolution" - calculates real resolution of machinists level when its mounted on a stand.

B9. "Protractor" - allows to produce angle template which could be used for cutting angles control of tool bits and drills. Also screen allows to measure taper.

"Lathe turning" package - could be purchased from the application (additional ~4.5$) and contains:
L1. "Cam turning" — the screen allows to calculate thickness of the saddle to be placed between the turned part and one of the jaws of three jaw self centering chuck.

L2. "Feed rates" — screen shows feed rates for turning some selected materials.

L3. "Tool bits angles" — the screen shows cutting angles of lathe tool bits for various cutting materials and cut conditions.

L4. Change gears calculation — screen helps to calculate proper setup of change gears when turning threads on a lathe.

See the screenshots and description of above screens here

"Milling" package - could be purchased from the application (additional ~4.5$) and contains:
M1. Cutting parameters — calculate spindle speed, table feed rate and more;

M2. Cylindrical groove — calculate how to do cylindrical grooves using ordinary end mills;

M3. Flange with holes — calculate how to locate holes (or similar features) evenly on some circle. Calculates distance between holes and coordinates of holes centers;

M4. Single gear dimensions — simple calculation of standard profile straight tooth gear. Find outer diameter and depth of in-between-teeths recesses to know how to machine the gear;

M5. Dividing — divides circle on even parts with direct, indirect, differential methods. Also includes very powerful «Error averaging» method which allows dividing to practically any number without using change gears! Overview:

Full description of the "Milling" package -

Discuss new functionality and report any bugs at

Очень полезная программа для всех, кто связан с металлообработкой. Куча справочных данных в удобной форме всегда под рукой, в виде удобных в использовании калькуляторов. Пользуюсь постоянно!
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