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About Nitnem Sikh Prayers

This is a simple, ad-free easy to use application that provides you with Nitnem Sikh Prayers in Gurmukhi (Punjabi), Romanized (Transliteration) and Translation texts. It locks the screen into portrat mode but you can choose to rotate it using the menu. The menu also lets you toggle night reading mode (black background that emits less light) and increase / decrease text size.

So far, the following texts have been included:

- Japjee Saahib (Japji Sahib)
- Shabad Hazaaray (Shabad Hazare)
- Jaapu Saahib (Jaap Sahib)
- Tav Parsaad Svaye
- Kabyo Bach Baynti Chaupai
- Anand Saahib (Anand Sahib)
- Rehraas Saahib (Rehras Sahib)
- Ardas
- Sohilaa (Sohila)
- Baareh Maahaa
- Sukhmani Sahib
- Assa Dee Vaar (Asa Ki Vaar)
- Sidh Gost
- Artee
- Lawa

The motivation behind this application was to provide Sikh Prayers / Nitnem without ads which are very distracting and often found on other similar applications. This application is and always will be ad-free.

I hope you find use for this application and you can advise for more changes by contacting me at [email protected]

It should be noted that the source for these prayers came from the PDF files at These were converted into text format and parsed for viewing on the Android App. Many banis were sourced from also and some required some modification for GRE (gurmukhi, roman, english) consistency.

I have tried my best to duplicate the works on said website, but please do advise if there are any discrepancies and I will correct them as soon as possible.

Also, if you wish to see other texts included in this, please also email me and I will try my best.

For TV Mode, use the left/right "dpad" to go to the menu, then center button to enter. To exit the about page, also use the left/right direction buttons.

Thank you for using this App!

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It's the perfect nitnem app. I just started doing nitnem but I didn't want to simply parrot verses. I wanted to understand each line and word. Thats exactly what the app does. Thanks developer.
Amrit pal Singh
Thank you so much for creating an app like this!
A Google user
Excellent for a sober reading of nitnem. Has all texts. Highly recommend.
Charanbir Gill