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About LikeApp+

LikeApp + is a companion application of LikeApp to provide the following watch Huami Amazfit Bip features:
- flashing the watch by air (OTA technology);
- flash the clock from the ZIP archive;
- automatically update the weather in watch;
- automatically update A-GPS data with the weather (once a day);
- control the phone / tablet using the watch.

A description of how to control your phone / tablet using the watch.
The application receives a command from the watch (via data transfer via the LikeApp application) and executes the received command in accordance with the settings specified by the user in this application.
In particular, the application can perform such actions as sending SMS, calling by phone number.

The application supports the management of the following actions:
1. Call the specified number.
2. Call the number of the last incoming call.
3. Call the number of the last outgoing call.
4. Send SMS to the specified number.
5. Send SMS to the last incoming call number.
6. Control the sound volume.
7. Turn on camera.
8. Turn on/off microphone recording.
9. Run the selected application.
10. Show the selected image on the phone screen (can be used for quick access to bar and QR codes when paying in the store).
11. Control the media player (start / stop playback, switch tracks, fast forward / rewind).
12. Send to selected application action Intent.
13. Send webhook.

How to use the Action application:
1. The application screen displays a set of 4 buttons.
2. When you click on the button, the name of the button is sent to LikeApp +.
3. LikeApp + will automatically display a window in which you need to select 4. the action for the programmable button and click Save.
4. If you press the programmable button again, LikeApp + will perform the previously configured action.
5. You can switch to another set of 4 programmable buttons. To do this, swipe up or down.
6. The name of the button can be edited. To do this, swipe left (or right) and stop on the selected button. After that, the text line editor window will be displayed.
7. After entering the line, press the clock button. The string will be saved and the image selection window for the programmable button will open.
8. After selecting an image, press the clock button. In this case, the image and the entered text will be displayed on the programmable button.

Line Editor Features:
- clear the text line - swipe left on the line of text on the left side of the line;
- delete the last character - swipe left on the line of text on the right side of the line;
- choose a different set of letters - swipe left / right on the set of letters;
- choose a different layout - swipe up / down a set of letters.
complete the entry - press the watch button.

Options for selecting an image:
- select the next image - swipe up;
- select the previous image - swipe up;
- complete input - press the watch button.

During the update of the elf-application Action, the phone must have Internet access!

To control your phone using the Huami Amazfit Bip, you need to do the following:
1) connect the watch to the LikeApp application installed on the phone / tablet (the LikeApp application is available at;
2) install on the watch a modified BipOS firmware version no lower than 0.5.2 (for, or (the current BipOS firmware version is available on the website:;
3) install the elf application “Action” in the watch (this application installs “LikeApp+” automatically during the firmware file clock on the watch).