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About Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

Reach a healthy weight—we make it simple! Kurbo is a fun and easy-to-use mobile app designed for kids, teens, and families who want to improve nutrition habits and lose weight. Derived from Stanford University’s Weight Control Program, Kurbo helps empower everyone to live healthier through a scientifically-proven program and virtual coaching for nutrition and activity. Kurbo is exclusively mobile, giving personalized advice to achieve lifelong healthy eating and physical activity habits

“Unique Health Program Appeals to Digital Kids” – LA Parent

Here’s how it helps you reach your goals:

* Traffic Light system of green, yellow, and red foods helps you make healthier food choices and build healthy habits, day by day.
* A team of experts supports you through daily in-app messages, emails, and texts that make it easier to reach your weight goals
* Coaching based on your personality (premium plan purchase required) helps keep you motivated through weekly video check-ins, nutrition tips and goal-setting. We’ll pair you with the perfect Kurbo coach who shares your interests and really gets you!
* Tasty, healthy food suggestions and inspiring advice helps you stay on track and informed about healthy living
* Fun games, videos and weekly challenges make it more fun to learn about nutrition and exercise

* Coached users can now chat with their coach directly through in-app chat.
* All users will receive tips, hints, and reminders through their chat window. To take advantage of these messages, make sure to enable Notifications when prompted in the app.
* You can pay for a coaching plan directly in the app. Data shows that kids and teens are much more likely to reach their goals when they work closely with a coach.

* Food & Exercise Diary – Easily track habits in a food and activity journal
* Progress Tracker – See when and how you’re reaching a healthy weight over time
* Virtual Coaching Sessions – In-app messages, texts, and notifications provide personalized feedback, motivation, and recommendations
* Fun Games & Weekly Challenges—Keep learning about nutrition and stay on track in a fun, exciting way
* Budgeting Tool – Enjoy flexible eating and plan your food choices around special events
* Helpful Videos – Watch videos to help you learn the Traffic Light system quickly and easily
* Plus, set reminders and goals, pick your own coaching avatar, keep a journal, and more.

Works well, love tracking food
Robin Fennoy
Easy and helpful.
Menyuon Miller
Amazing I love it!
Audrey Heisdorf
Great program. The most positive people to help you thro you goals
Brandan Dotson
I love it. I'm losing weight
Carmen Alcantara
This app is incredible if you are looking for a really easy way to lose weight and your a kid try this app. I've lost over ten pounds in just a month and you can still eat all the great foods you love like p...