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About Just Intonation

"Just Intonation" is a microtonal sampler that allows you to hear and play music in just intonation and other temperaments - independent of the key. You may hear examples, play Midi files, or connect your Midi keyboard via OTG-cable. Depending on the actual harmony a special algorithm computes instantly the optimal tune, playing music in just intonation in all scales. The application comes with samples of realistic instruments, including piano, organ, and harpsichord.

With this application we would like to demonstrate that for electronic musical instruments the equal temperament can be replaced easily by dynamically adjusting tuning schemes which turn out to be much more harmonious.

Holgerd Vachlis
This is an fantastic way to learn and experience music!
Daniel Aberle
Great app. But on my device it is not running. But on the pc i tried it and it is a great tool!
Philip Bergwerf