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About iRoofing

iRoofing empowers contractors with the ability to perform unlimited DIY roof measurements from satellite, drone, aerial and blueprint images. iRoofing’s easy-to-use interface is loaded with advanced features that save you time, enable you to bid more jobs and close more sales. This app also contains a digital Pitch Detector, Roof Inspection Report Tool, custom-branded Pitchbook, Customer Organizer, and Digital Product catalogs.

iRoofing is the industry’s first and only roofing software solution to integrate digital catalogs for all major brands of roofing and siding products. The app streamlines business transactions between contractors, distributors, designers, and property owners.

iRoofing’s expert trainers and software consultants provide FREE and UNLIMITED one-on-one support.

Contractors get the full-featured app by downloading it now and logging into their iRoofing account or becoming new subscribers. Property owners benefit from downloading the app to access product catalogs for free! So, they can shop and “favorite” the roofing products and surface colors they like most, thus helping you understand their preferences, accelerate decision-making and close sales more efficiently.

With a subscription, you will enjoy these roofing software features:

Roof Measurements
You no longer need to buy 3rd-party roof reports which can be costly and take time to
obtain or climb onto the roof to measure it. iRoofing empowers you with unlimited,
accurate and instant do-it-yourself measurements, performed remotely.

Customized Pitchbook
You can upload a branded, digital pitchbook right on your phone including your
company logo, description, before-and-after project images & videos, customer
testimonials, digital contracts, and more. The app is also branded with your logo
throughout every report you make.

Sort Products and Manufacturers
The extensive digital products catalog in iRoofing can be filtered to display only your
preferred materials and/or those which are available through your distributor. iRoofing
updates these in-app product images and specifications regularly.

Roof Inspection Reports
iRoofing’s phone app is ideal for performing Roof Inspection Reports. Documenting
roof conditions has never been easier as the app integrates with a phone’s photo
gallery. Pictures can go straight into the reporting tool and into the customer’s profile.
In-app templates make sure that you include every aspect of a complete, professional
Inspection Report.

Organize Customer information and Manage Tasks
Schedule call-backs and receive reminders to follow-up with new customers. Store
customer documents, product preferences, and project photos.

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This software has been a great tool for my company. Excited to finally use it on my phone
Arturo marquez
The app has a lot of great features and I would recommend this app to anyone in the roofing industry... thanks iroofing team for all the help
Mike Lee
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